Escape the Everyday

Content production for Visit Britain.
Following a year of lockdowns and strict restrictions, Visit Britain wanted to inspire people to explore a diverse range of destinations across the UK. With international travel still very limited in 2020/21, the task was to show what was on offer in locations closer to home.

We used a selection of people who had each been affected by the lockdowns in their own personal way and incorporated their stories into the short-form content.

We worked closely with Visit Britain to create experiences that aligned with the campaign slogan of 'Freedom to explore'. Experiences that people maybe wouldn't usually consider, to bring to life just how much there is to do in locations across the UK.
Visit Britain, Secret Escapes
Social content, Instagram Stories content, Casting
Cornwall, Winchester, Lincoln - UK
Ali Gallop
Jop Heemskerk
Cornwall social edit / 90 sec
Winchester social edit / 90 sec