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An adventure that gave two photographers from opposite sides of the planet a chance to explore each others homes countries.

For the launch of the Nikon Z7, we spent 14 action packed days in Norway and Singapore with @Gunvoreline and @Jeryl experiencing everything from the extreme landscape of the Lofoten Islands to the bustling street food markets of Singapore.
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Lofoten Islands - Norway, Singapore
Ali Gallop
Jop Heemskerk
Behind the scenes:
Joost van der Burg
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The Lofoten Islands were a tough place to start. We had 4 full days but in this part of the world in November, a full day means the sun going down at 14:00pm. Combine this with the fact that everything seemed to be a 4 hour drive and never quite knowing when the weather would change, we had our work cut out to get what we needed.

However, this was part of the beauty of seeing Jeryl experience something so vastly different from his home in Singapore. We attempted several hikes, ate delicious foods in cosy local fishing village restaurants, and topped it all off with the most incredible helicopter tour which allowed us to see the Lofoten islands in a truly unique way.


On day 5 of the shoot, the ice cold, vast conditions of Lofoten were replaced with humid bustling streets of Singapore. As soon as we landed into Changi airport, the contrast hit us in the face. Getting around Singapore felt like an absolute dream, with the MRT subway giving us easy access to each area we planned to shoot in. We opted for some less well known hawker street food markets which were Jeryl's recommendations. As always, the places where local people eat provided such a great insight into Jeryl's home and gave us an immersive experience into the local community.

On the final evening we were told about the Diwali celebrations being held in the Little India district, which was not part of the itinerary. As always, the spontaneous experiences always deliver and ended up being the stand out moment from the entire trip.

The adventure
as it happened.

The reality of content today is that the 'behind the scenes' starts the moment we get on the plane. Not only does this give the audience a closer look at the adventure as it unfolds, but it also means people become invested in the story and makes it more likely for them to view the long-form content.

Behind the scenes.